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My audio project is a story of the time I went swimming with sharks. I had a fun time with this assignment and I thought my audio went well with the story. I wanted the listener to understand many things throughout the story and so I added sound where it could help. I wanted the listeners to get a feel of what it’s like to wake up on a beautiful island with the waves crashing below your feet. To do this I added a nice relaxing sound of waves hitting the pillars below my villa which can be heard from anywhere on the island. I think this does a great job of carrying the listener all the way through the audio while keeping them relaxed. I then wanted to bring the listener along for the ride. To do so I added a sound of a boat starting up and driving around so the listener could feel like they were taking the amazing boat ride right next to me. One of my favorite parts about this audio is the ukulele that I added. This was important to me because it was one of the most memorable parts of the trip and I wanted the listeners to hear the elegance and beauty of the ukulele. This part also gets the listener ready for the next part of the story which is about sharks. The next thing I wanted to add was descriptive sound effects. I knew I wanted to add a few sound effects such as dipping underwater and footsteps where needed to give the listener a better understanding of what is happening. I then listened over the audio a few times and decided that I could add the sound of someone taking a bite of an apple and a slimy sound for the corresponding dialogue. The last step was to add dramatic effect to my story so I added a couple of things like a heartbeat and sound effect going DUN DUN DUN. After giving my audio a final listen I was pleased with the way it turned out and thought the dialogue sounded very crisp.

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  1. Jeff Pagano

    This was fun to listen to with headphones on. I laughed out loud when I heard the heartbeat sound effect. Yes, I would feel the same way.

    The sounds and music really take the listener in and the script and narration do a great job of sharing the story.

    This sounds like an amazing experience and it’s awesome that you’ve captured it in a different way.


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