Audio Project

This is a short reading of the first part of Little Snow White, as recorded by the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales. For this recording, I tried to record myself as clearly as possible. That way, I could emphasize the story being read, rather than the fact that it was being read. While I feel my pop filter was lacking, I did try to edit out as much of the odd silences and unusual mouth sounds as I could. Removing these sounds from words was difficult, and in certain places, I simply could not separate them, but in the gaps between words, I was far more easily able to remove the noticeable sounds. I also did some noise reduction in an attempt to clarify the words further. Had I had more time to move past these necessary steps, I might have added introduction or ending music to help set the fantasy setting. As far as Audacity goes, I found it to be an incredibly intuitive program, especially if you already have experience with prior versions of the program.

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