The Lion and The Mouse

For this audio project I was trying to achieve the second option out of the three. Which was to read an Aesop fable and to record it. I tried to accomplish of achieving the realistic feel whilst reading this story aloud by using sound effects. Having the sound effects lead you through the story as I read them out loud. Finding the perfect sound for each part of the story. My experience with this project was positive. Nothing went wrong and I’m already familiar with using audio in my projects. As well as editing audio and adding sound effects. Putting this project was fairly easy, recorded my audio and imported it into premiere pro. After importing, I searched for sound effects that would fit this fable. Looking for lion and mice sound effects. Then some few other effects like a trap and rope getting tied. I really enjoyed looking for sound effects. Listening to many options making sure it was the perfect fit. I only struggled with finding a decent lion sound effect because all of them sounded extremely aggressive. Other than that specific sound, all the other ones were super easy to find. Overall this project was fun to do and I had enjoyed it.

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